The Unseen Order

The Unseen Order

September 12, 2023
The Unseen Order

We’d like to inform our glorious community these will be the final Pre-Order Packs that are available. More information regarding this can be found in the FAQ at the end of this article.

There are some who believe that power, prosperity, and abundance can only be achieved through the process of ritual blood sacrifice. According to the twisted ideology of The Unseen Order, the larger the sacrifice, the greater the gift of power and prosperity contained within it, but what happens when things go too far?

What began as a small group of settlers, whose selfless and benevolent efforts were to increase the bounty of their community’s harvest, quickly transformed into an arcane cult with an insatiable hunger for domination and control. Today, the members of this dark and mysterious sect, The Unseen Order, are known for their endlessly complex rituals of blood magic. Each stage of a sacrificial rite must be performed flawlessly, in consecutive order, with a very specific set of tools, and the rarest of spell components. Upon the successful completion of the sacrificial liturgy, their people would thrive for many months, harvests would be bountiful, and numbers continued to increase. However, so did the ever-growing tally of innocent victims slaughtered by the cultists…

The final Pre-Order Packs including The Unseen Order cosmetic items will be available in the Ashes of Creation shop from September 13, 2023 at 11:00 a.m. Pacific until January 17, 2024 at 11:00 a.m. Pacific. Don’t forget that None Forgotten addons will be removed on September 13, 2023 at 11:00 a.m. Pacific when the new cosmetics swap over.

Collector’s Touch

1920 - Accessory Accessory Cosmetic Skin *

At the conclusion of a ritual sacrifice, the victim’s remains must be untouched by mortal hands in order to successfully perform the rite. To achieve this, a special glove called the Collector’s Touch must be worn in order to touch, or move them. This ominous-looking glove is made from the hide and bones of a Sanguine Siphoner, killed by a member of the Order in another very explicit ritual. The sacrificed corpse of a single Sanguine Siphoner will only produce enough organic matter to make a single Collector’s Touch glove, which is traditionally donned and used by the highest ranking, or most notable member of the sect in attendance.

Sanguine Siphoner

1920 - Pet Pet Cosmetic Skin *

The Sanguine Siphoner is an extremely rare, magical construct, distantly related to the Wyvern. It is constructed from, and endlessly rejuvenated by, the bone, blood, and skin of its victims. It collects these vital substances by siphoning the life force of mortals, as well as creatures of all kinds, large and small. The Siphoner’s sharp teeth and flexible, bony tendrils grab its prey, and hold it in place. It then sucks every drop of fluid from its body, leaving behind only its empty, half-devoured carcass.

Sacrificial Remnant

1920 - Mount Mount Cosmetic Skin *

On the 31st of Oleidus, the traditional Verran holiday known as Demontide, The Unseen Order conducts an annual ceremony they call The Collection, at the stroke of middle night. Any members of the sect who possess a Collector’s Touch glove gather to conduct a blood-crazed invocation and summoning ritual. A torchlit forest clearing is filled with a cacophony of maniacal, disembodied laughter, and the grinding, rumbling, and snapping of bones. Limbs and body parts from an untold variety of creatures animate and combine, forming the shambling, undead abominations known as Sacrificial Remnants. These large, many-headed beasts drag themselves about on their hands and knees, scraping the ground with their oversized knuckle bones, as they faithfully obey the orders of the cult leaders.

Remnant Sympathizer

1920 - Costume Costume Cosmetic Skin *

For members of The Unseen Order that have not yet claimed a Collector’s Touch, there are other roles to fill. One such role is that of a Remnant Sympathizer. It is the duty of these armored servants to protect and guard the Sacrificial Remnants while they obediently follow the orders given to them by the cult’s leaders. The armor of a Remnant Sympathizer is fashioned from the bones of fallen Sacrificial Remnants, making it durable, lightweight, and nigh on indestructible.

Remnant Servant

1920 - Transport Caravan Cosmetic Skin *

Over time, the strength and invulnerability of a Sacrificial Remnant will dwindle, making them incapable of obeying complex, multi-step commands. When this occurs, the stronger, more recently constructed Sacrificial Remnants will use them as servants, caring for and maintaining their weapons, and following behind them carrying anything that might assist them in their daily tasks. Each year, during The Collection, one might see Remnant Servants in droves, as they traditionally carry the sacrificial remains from the Drain Dwellings to the location of that year’s ceremony.

Drain Dwelling

1920 - Building Freehold Large House Building Cosmetic Skin *

Each local chapter of The Unseen Order has their own Drain Dwelling structure for use as a chapter house. Here they can find shelter, gather together for rituals and worship ceremonies, and generally wallow in their own corruption. These large, drafty residential structures are often converted from abandoned, crumbling buildings, strengthened by the bones and blood of the cult’s helpless victims, and redesigned to serve their dark purposes…

Wayfarer Pre-order Package

1920 - Wayfarer

  • Access to future Beta Two test phase
  • 2 months of game time ($30 Value)
  • $25 in Embers (in-game marketplace credits, NO P2W!)
  • Collector’s Touch

Expeditionary Pre-order Package

1920 - Expeditionary

  • Access to future Beta One test phase
  • Access to future Beta Two test phase
  • 4 months of game time ($60 Value)
  • $50 in Embers (in-game marketplace credits, NO P2W!)
  • Collector’s Touch
  • Sanguine Siphoner

Voyager Pre-order Package

1920 - Voyager

  • Access to future Alpha Two test phase
  • Access to future Beta One test phase
  • Access to future Beta Two test phase
  • 6 months of game time ($90 Value)
  • $100 in Embers (in-game marketplace credits, NO P2W!)
  • Collector’s Touch
  • Sanguine Siphoner
  • Sacrificial Remnant

Voyager Plus Pre-order Package

1920 - Voyager Plus

  • Access to future Alpha Two test phase
  • Access to future Beta One test phase
  • Access to future Beta Two test phase
  • 9 months of game time ($135 value)
  • $125 in Embers (in-game marketplace credits, NO P2W!)
  • Collector’s Touch
  • Sanguine Siphoner
  • Sacrificial Remnant
  • Remnant Sympathizer
  • Remnant Servant
  • Drain Dwelling
  • Name Reservation

* All skin cosmetic items are cosmetic items only and do not grant the user any other benefit. The lore text is flavor text, and background of the creatures and items in the world of Verra. Costume cosmetic items do not include the weapons pictured.


1. Why are the Pre-Order Packs ending?

  • Our pre-order packs were intended to be a way for players to support the project by providing an opportunity to collect exclusive cosmetic appearances that are used in creating the world of Verra, while respecting our commitment to zero-tolerance pay-to-win whatsoever. As we draw closer to our Alpha Two and Beta testing periods, we want to ensure a glorious experience for our players who have signed up to help make Ashes of Creation the MMORPG it deserves to be. To that end, we have decided to discontinue the packs until such time as our internal and/or external testing supports the admission of additional testers. We will continue to update our community when more ways become available to access Alpha Two or Beta testing through our communication channels.

2. When will the final Pre-Order Packs end?

  • The final Pre-Order Packs will end on January 17, 2024 at 11:00 a.m. Pacific in order to ensure everyone has enough time and notice with regards to the final Pre-Order Packs’ availability.

3. Does this include the Beta One and Beta Two Pre-Order Packages as well?

  • Yes. While we anticipate we will reopen the ability to purchase Beta packages in the future, these options will not adopt the same format of regularly recurring monthly exclusive cosmetics as our existing Pre-Order Packages currently offer.

4. If I do not get a Pre-Order Pack, does that mean I will not be able to join Alpha Two, Beta One, or Beta Two in the future?

  • Not necessarily. We will continue to engage with our community and content creators to offer various giveaways that players will have an opportunity to participate in. After our internal and/or external testing satisfies the admission of additional testers, we may provide alternate methods of purchasing access into testing periods.

5. When the Pre-Order Packs end, will there be other items on the Ashes of Creation Shop?

  • We may provide cosmetic items and merchandise in the shop at a future date.

6. I purchased a previous Pre-Order Pack, but I like The Unseen Order cosmetics better. Can I switch out my cosmetics for these?

  • Previously purchased cosmetics may not be exchanged, though we do provide a 90-day return policy. If you own an existing Pre-Order Pack, you may also purchase individual cosmetics offered in the current pack a-la-cart.

7. Can I upgrade my Pre-Order Pack after sales for the Pre-Order Packs end?

  • Yes. You will continue to have the option to upgrade your Pre-Order Pack to a higher-tier package after sales of Pre-Order Packs end. If you upgrade, it will not give you the cosmetic items of the same type (Accessory, Pet, Mount, etc.) that came with the previous pack you purchased. Only the additional cosmetic items from the upgrade to The Unseen Order Pre-Order Pack will be granted.

8. Can I purchase add-on cosmetics from The Unseen Order after Pre-Order Packs are removed from the shop?

  • Yes. You will continue to have the option to purchase add-on cosmetics from The Unseen Order, based on what your Pre-Order Package level gives you access to.

9. How long will I be able to upgrade my Pre-Order Pack or purchase The Unseen Order add-on cosmetics?

  • We don’t have a date to share for this yet, but we’ll give everyone plenty of notice before ending the ability for them to upgrade their Pre-Order Packs or purchase add-on cosmetics from The Unseen Order.

10. What about upgrading Kickstarter Packages? When do those end?

  • You will still be able to upgrade Kickstarter and Summer Backer Packages. We’ll give plenty of notice before ending the ability for people to upgrade their packs.

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