Ashes of Creation

Rime and Regal

Friday, December 6, 2019

The frigid expanse is not a place to be trifled with, and more often than not, suffering is the only thing many find. However, those with the necessary capital have taken it upon themselves to establish some semblance of civilization in the unrelenting winter. A path previously closed off now lies open, and new opportunities reveal themselves to those with the resources to brave the frost.

The Rime and Regal cosmetic addons will be available in the Ashes of Creation shop from December 11, 2019 at 11:00 a.m. Pacific until January 8, 2020 at 11:00 a.m. Pacific. Don’t forget that the Bounties of the Verdant Keeper addons will be removed on December 11, 2019 at 11:00 a.m. Pacific when the new cosmetics swap over.

Snowfall Sabatons

accessory Accessory Cosmetic Skin *

A pair of exquisite yet rugged fur-lined boots that reinforces the shins and toes with hardened steel. These are meticulously made to cradle each and every part of the foot, maximizing comfort and protection in a climate that necessitates having both. A delicate pattern is etched into the shin guards, resembling the frosty gales that roll across the Verran tundras.

Peak Hound Pup

pet Pet Cosmetic Skin *

Of the myriad exotic animals fancied by nobility, the Peak Hound is among the most sought after. They are a very hardy breed, as they tend to make the caves near the summits of mountains their home. Procuring a single pup from a litter is unimaginably dangerous, usually resulting in the mercenary barreling down a frozen wasteland with the furious mother gnashing after them. The Peak Hound's stoic personality makes it well-suited to following commands, while its combat prowess and distinctive fur pattern make owning one a sign of great status.

Eldercrown Caribou

mount Mount Cosmetic Skin *

Prolonged journeys across the frigid plains of Verra's northern reaches can prove to be terribly taxing to unprepared pack animals. However, the Eldercrown Caribou has long made this place its home, and very few are as adapted to the cold as it. It is so well-suited to transportation in the cold that several wealthy noble enterprises rely solely on these creatures. Any poachers seeking to destabilize the population find themselves at the mercy of several bounty hunters. The antlers of these gentle beasts resemble the great trees of old, and many nobles have taken to placing bells on them, not only to keep track of their location in the blinding blizzards, but also in honor of a sacred tradition practiced ages before.

Sentinel Greatcoat

costume Costume Cosmetic Skin *

Patrolling the snowy nights has proven nothing short of grueling, thus an outfit suitable for the task was commissioned. Sleek black leather meets a mesh of interlocking steel plates, with a massive coat of fur and wool on top to keep any and all cold out. Sturdy pauldrons hold the ensemble together. Despite the ostentatious size of the coat, it is quite a bit lighter than it appears, and in conjunction with the layered plates ensures that the wearer's movements remain unrestricted.

The Crimson Carriage

caravan Caravan Cosmetic Skin *

A passerby may mistake this gilded sleigh as nothing but a declaration of one's wealth, but the massive wolf pulling the occupants along is most definitely not just for show. Only the mightiest wolves in the litter partake in this duty, for their responsibility is twofold. The harness has been designed to be very easily decoupled from the driver's seat, quickly enabling the wolf to move around freely without worrying about dragging a burden behind it. After any possible threats are dealt with, the wolf can be reattached to the carriage just as effortlessly to continue on its merry way.

Homehearth Cabin

building Freehold Cosmetic Skin *

A particularly warm and inviting cabin constructed with a noble's every luxury in mind. The cabin's most notable feature is its central hearth. The nobility who commissioned the cabin's construction also sought to have the walls and hearth enchanted. Even as the outside grows constantly colder, the hearth's warmth appears to show not a single sign of waning. The rich orange glow is present in every corner of the cabin, its soothing embrace able to melt away any and all earthly troubles. If anything, the warmth is too soothing, and on occasion wandering adventurers have had to be forcibly evicted from the premises after refusing to leave the refuge of the hearth, despite outside conditions having improved.

Wayfarer Pre-order Package


  • Access to Beta 2
  • 2 months of game time ($30 Value)
  • $25 in Embers (in-game marketplace credits, NO P2W!)
  • Snowfall Sabatons

Expeditionary Pre-order Package


  • Access to Beta 1
  • Access to Beta 2
  • 4 months of game time ($60 Value)
  • $50 in Embers (in-game marketplace credits, NO P2W!)
  • Snowfall Sabatons
  • Peak Hound Pup

Voyager Pre-order Package


  • Access to Alpha 2
  • Access to Beta 1
  • Access to Beta 2
  • 6 months of game time ($90 Value)
  • $100 in Embers (in-game marketplace credits, NO P2W!)
  • Snowfall Sabatons
  • Peak Hound Pup
  • Eldercrown Caribou

Voyager Plus Pre-order Package

Voyager Plus

  • Access to Alpha 2
  • Access to Beta 1
  • Access to Beta 2
  • 9 months of game time ($135 value)
  • $125 in Embers (in-game marketplace credits, NO P2W!)
  • Snowfall Sabatons
  • Peak Hound Pup
  • Eldercrown Caribou
  • Sentinel Greatcoat
  • The Crimson Carriage
  • Homehearth Cabin
  • Name Reservation

* All skin cosmetic items are cosmetic items only and do not grant the user any other benefit. The lore text is flavor text, and background of the creatures and items in the world of Verra. Costume cosmetic items do not include the weapons pictured. (Note: Costumes and Mounts may be accessible in Ashes of Creation Apocalypse. We'll notify you when these items have been added.)