Ashes of Creation

October 24 Hot Fix

Thursday, October 24, 2019

Servers are back up with the following 56164 Hot Fix changes


  • Released a new Installer that resolves various issues users were experiencing when trying to download the game
  • The Launch Game Checkbox now displays after installing
  • “Launching” text now shows up after clicking “Finish” if launch checkbox is checked

User Interface

  • Regions no longer default to no region selected after leaving a party
  • Improved messaging if user has no regions selected
  • Fixed a bug where no region was selected after clicking the checkbox on last selected region
  • Fixed a bug that disabled selected regions button


  • Firefrost Potion Launcher: Fixed another issue that could cause the projectile to explode when being fired
  • Wand of Light: Fixed an issue with the return to idle animation when attacking with a Wand


  • Updated and added landscape, structures, terrain, objects, and foliage
  • Optimized environment landscape assets to improve load times, reduce memory footprint, and disk space
  • Added grass type that contains small rocks
  • Improved dirt layers in the snow shader
  • Fixed collision issues including on the following assets - firepits, temples, orange crystals, and pillars
  • Fixed floating terrain assets
  • Fixed terrain holes where players would get stuck
  • Reduced total number of bare ground plants present in the grass type for rocks on snow landscape
  • Added ambient particle FX to mountain top camps and meteor crash
  • Added a new mini-camp on the path between the temple and elven mage tower - this includes detailing and props, and new mini-camps in the mountains between the elven mage tower and main elven temple area


  • Added or updated audio for Waypoints, Melee Weapons, Bows, Wand, Book, Lunge Attacks, Horse Summon, Meteor Impact, Quarrior, and various UI elements

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