2022 Extra Life Recap

2022 Extra Life Recap

November 15, 2022
2022 Extra Life Recap

Glorious Ashes of Creation Community,

Thank you to all the generous gamers who joined us for another successful Extra Life Game Day! Everyone here at Intrepid Studios is humbled and grateful for the support from this amazing community. All the donations raised through Extra Life fund the life-saving work of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals located all across North America. Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals will treat over 32 million kids this year alone, and children receive care regardless of their family's ability to pay. You’ve helped make miracles possible for them. Thank you again!

In just a short 24 hours, we crushed our $25,000 goal to support Rady Children’s Hospital in San Diego, California. Throughout the weekend, you helped us raise $51,350 for the Ashes of Creation Extra Life 2022 campaign, and as a team, we raised $77,939!

With each epic milestone surpassed, we had some hilariously fun moments for the kids - like nat 20s demolishing our boss fights, chubby bunny amusement, a dinosaur lightsaber battle, Wreckage of Carphin lore unlocks, and of course, our annual pies-to-the-face with added egg yolk this year! It was truly an event we won’t forget. If you’d like to watch the full 24 hour event, you can check it out on our Ashes of Creation Twitch channel. We’ve also put together a quick recap of some of the great moments for us all to relive.

As a teaching hospital, Rady Children's Hospital not only helps children every single day, but also trains future generations of doctors and nurses. We’re extremely proud of our community, who shares our passion for gaming to make a difference in the lives of others - all told, you’ve helped raise over $247,000 throughout the past few years. From all of us at Intrepid Studios, thank you!

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