Live Reddit AMA with Creative Director Steven Sharif

Live Reddit AMA with Creative Director Steven Sharif

October 15, 2022
Live Reddit AMA with Creative Director Steven Sharif

Steven Sharif, our Creative Director, did a live /r/AshesofCreation Reddit AMA. Throughout the week (from October 5-14) folks upvoted their questions, and on October 14, 2022, we live broadcast the answers to the top upvoted ones on the Ashes of Creation Twitch channel!


  • 00:00 Intro
  • 02:54 Server Merges
  • 06:41 Milestones Before Alpha 2
  • 09:07 Number of Abilities per Archetype
  • 10:45 How are you Steven?
  • 15:49 When to Expect Secondary Archetype Demo
  • 17:10 Pre-Alpha Spot Tests
  • 18:40 Differences Between Orbs, Wands, and Spell Books
  • 20:15 Healing Skills and Action Camera
  • 23:15 Primary Leveling Systems
  • 25:44 Biggest Challenges Before Alpha 2
  • 30:13 Render Distance When Out at Sea
  • 32:45 List of Professions
  • 37:21 Active Players at Launch
  • 42:25 Progress on Class Combat
  • 45:36 Travel and The Leveling Experience
  • 48:46 Nameplate Obfuscation
  • 51:27 Tanks and Bards in Small Scale PVP
  • 52:37 Ruins of Destroyed Nodes
  • 55:34 Viewing a Node Level Up
  • 57:51 How Many Skills Can We Slot
  • 58:47 Castle Sieges Near the Ocean
  • 1:00:07 Outro

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