Update to Account Policy Actions

Update to Account Policy Actions

July 5, 2021
Update to Account Policy Actions

Over the past few months, we’ve been making many changes to our website and support tools - including internal account tools for our customer support team. Based on these new tools, the account ownership policy in our Terms & Conditions will now be enforced.

Previously, our Creative Director Steven Sharif stated:

Intrepid has no stance at the moment with the ownership of crowdfunding packages or pre-order packages. The primary reason for this stance at the moment is because we cannot enforce the transferring of these accounts.

For further clarity on our policy regarding account transfers, sales, trades, gifting, and sharing, please read the below information:

Can I sell, share, gift, transfer, or trade my Ashes of Creation account?

As outlined in the Terms & Conditions, Intrepid Accounts are not transferable. Accounts are registered to you personally and may not be sold, traded, gifted or otherwise transferred at any time under any circumstances. Any sale, sharing, or allowing another person to access your account is a violation of the terms agreed upon during account creation. It is important that you ensure the security of your Intrepid Account by not sharing your password with third parties. Intrepid will never ask you for your password for any reason. We do allow you to change your password at any time and at your convenience. We also encourage the use of Two-Factor Authentication to ensure the security of your account.

Any account found to have been sold, shared, or accessed by a person other than the account creator may result in permanent closure of the account. This may also be applied retroactively against accounts that have been found in the past to have violated this policy.

If you feel your account has been accessed by another person without your consent, please contact our support team here.

The Importance of Account Integrity

The security of your account is crucial. When you share your account information, you are putting yourself at risk - and not necessarily just with your Intrepid Account. Account activity can be tracked, and if behavior that violates our community guidelines or unauthorized purchases are performed by someone using your account, it could result in closure of your account. Our support team has put together a great article on how to keep your Intrepid Account safe - please follow those instructions to ensure your account is secure.

It is important to note that our philosophy for a good MMORPG environment is one that values player achievement and rewards earned accomplishments. Transferring of accounts and other forms of player RMT’s diminish the accomplishments of others, and destabilizes the intended experience of the game for our players. Intrepid is, and shall remain, committed to ensuring the integrity of our game environment by never offering P2W and proactively safe-guarding against these types of violations.

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