Live MMORPG Reddit AMA with Creative Director Steven Sharif

Live MMORPG Reddit AMA with Creative Director Steven Sharif

June 14, 2021
Live MMORPG Reddit AMA with Creative Director Steven Sharif

Steven Sharif, our Creative Director, was invited to do an AMA with the /r/MMORPG Reddit. Throughout the week (from June 8-11) folks tossed in their burning questions, and on June 13, 2021, we live broadcast the answers on the Ashes of Creation Twitch channel!


  • 0:36 Intro
  • 2:45 Hexangoo - How is your day Steven?
  • 4:14 Talents - What is your idea for the direction you'd like to take combat and what are some of the big combat changes you want to test and implement in the future?
  • 8:35 Fellcas - Will the Bard class be more like Dnd support archetype or more like old The Bard's Tale all-rounder fighter with supportive capabilities?
  • 11:09 Hurtmeii - Do you have any plans to create OST for certain individual Bosses? Like their own theme.
  • 13:16 Lordsigmund415 - Can you tell us your plans on how the summoner will interact with the other archetypes? Based on the class names we can assume some things but I think we all want to know.
  • 18:21 Ashone1 - Any announcement as to who will replace Jeffrey Bard?
  • 18:41 GloriousDJPenguin - How extensive will gambling be? Tavern games or gambling halls? And will it be done with gold or an alternate currency specifically for gambling?
  • 22:16 Donekyfam - Will there be difficult content that is made for the more hardcore fanbase for a challenging experience and perhaps cosmetic rewards
  • 25:28 False-Adhesiveness-5 - Do you worry that people will end up feeling disappointed in Ashes due to overhype or is that just par for the course?
  • 31:21 Malicus03 - Can you share or tell us anything new about the development of the orc races. Particularly the Vek. Dying to know what they'll look like in game.
  • 36:36 Nibblescookies - How will you stop the big mafia guilds from owning all the good dungeons and world bosses by camping them?
  • 42:19 VmanGman21 - What is your opinion on expansions making all previous content obsolete and effectively reducing the amount of meaningful content as opposed to expanding it?
  • 49:41 Lightword - How can you ensure that open world PVP will not eventually make the game unplayable for small guilds and individuals?
  • 52:52 Tiberius2068 - We've heard a lot about the PvP side of the game and we know that 80% of the world is supposed to be contestable. So what will AoC be able to offer PvE focused players that does not involve PvP?
  • 56:43 BrekfastLibertarian - Each metropolis node has a "superpower." For instance, scientific nodes allow teleportation between the parent node and any of its vassal nodes for its citizens. Can you tell us any of the other node types' superpowers?
  • 58:28 Minecrafter338 - You said before Ashes of Creation is not for everyone. Can you please describe what we can not expect from the game? It seems a lot of people are projecting all their dreams onto AoC at the moment.
  • 1:01:00 Outro

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