Ashes of Creation

October 1 Hot Fix

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Servers are back up with the following Hot Fix changes!

  • Reduced Stamina cost of jumping
  • Reduced Stamina damage received via block
  • Increased the accuracy of all ranged weapons
  • Increased the ranged efficacy of longbow, shortbow, wand and scepter.
  • Reduced the damage falloff of shortbow, wand and scepter.
  • Sword and Shield: Stamina Drain upon Stance activation decreased.
  • Sword and Shield: Reduced duration on buff
  • Potion Launcher: Clip size decreased
  • Potion Launcher: Damage decreased
  • Crossbow: Max range increased
  • Crossbow: Damage falloff at max range decreased
  • Crossbow: Increased effective range
  • Added Emberstorm Dragon to Compendium
  • Added Zero Stamina attack to Staff
  • User Interface fixes for widescreen and 4/3

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